inma garcia

Director of Gi School of Performing Arts

Professional dancer, choreographer and businesswoman



Most relevant performances as a dancer


9 consecutive years belonging to the Barcelona Dragons as a professional Cheerleader

NFL Super Bolw in Amsterdam

Super Three

Children's room - several years in a row

Palau Sant Jordi - Follow the leader

Palau Sant Jordi - Super Cross - several consecutive years

Television - different programs (Between Lines, L'arus program, among others)

Radial interviews

Port Aventura in Tarragona


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Dancer in some of the most representative places in the city of Barcelona


Hotel Princesa Sofía

Hard Rock Café

Barcelona Airport

Presentation of the film "A for all"

Hotel Ciudad de Mataró

Platja d'aro

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Training as a Dancer


From 1988, acting professionally until 2007.

The most important and diverse formation was from the entrance in Barcelona Dragons (American Football) and Fútbol Club Barcelona in 1995/1996. Until the pregnancy of her first child in 2007, she performed for the last time at the Camp Nou Copa del Barça.

She trained as a dancer and animator with many years of training and on average dedicated 9 hours a week and an endless number of national and international performances.

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Captura de pantalla 2020-11-22 a las 10.


Training as a Choreographer

Inma has conducted several seminars with choreographers of international importance such as Sergio Sinfronio, choreographer of Michael Jackson and Rebecca Hing, choreographer of Britney Spears. At the Broadway and Paradatzio school in New York with different world-renowned teachers.

At ANEF he took several annual courses such as: aerobics techniques, master's degree in Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Children's Fitness monitoring techniques, among others.

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Professional experience as a choreographer


Production and realization of different national championships in martial arts, dance and Fit Kid.

Production, realization, choreography and dancer of the fashion show of the following firms: Intimissi, Chalcedon, Janira, among others.

Choreographer of the singer Raquel Camins. He also directed and coordinated the event in Canzam on the theme of the singer "Por ti seré".

Production, coordination and teacher in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Aerobics Marathon in Sant Cebrià de Vallalta, together with Claudio Lima, world aerobics champion.

Teacher and choreographer in some of the most representative places in the city of Barcelona: Alfa 5, DYR, Arsenal, Saque, Zazen, Rebot, others.

Animation at the private party of AENA Barcelona Airport.

Dancer in hospitals for children with leukemia.


Production, realization and coordination of Championships and Musicals.

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2010 Airdancers and Acrobat Piruette

Two companies that Inma formed and worked in hotels on the coast from Calella to Tossa. Her role was as a choreographer and dancer.



2012 Gi

School of Performing Arts: Music, dance, theater and film.

This project started as a dream in 2005 and was consolidated in 2012.



What philosophy does the GI have?

Every artist projects his art, both innate and learned, to the public or spectator in the only possible way, from the heart, taking out what is carried inside through music, dance, theater and cinema. This is called Performing Arts.

Gi is currently being formed and expanded with added value: the enjoyment of what is learned, projecting happiness at all times, whether in class or on stage.

It has a website where it exposes all its services and informs customers of the news. It offers a very wide variety of disciplines aimed at ages from 3 years to adults.


Most relevant disciplines:

* CHEERLEADERS; dance acrobatics and animation. Gi Cheerleaders leave a mark wherever they go!

* URBAN DANCES; Freestyle on the streets goes to classes with basic technique. Looking - popping - new style - Street dance…

* MUSICAL THEATER: Singing - music - dance - technical basis - performance ...

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Inma García is currently pursuing a degree in pedagogy at the UNED and at the Institut Gestalt training in Systemic Pedagogy.

Some of the most important degrees:



Business History


1996 Shoot Academy

Together with Xavi, he started the project of the Shoot Academy in Mataró. School of Martial Arts founded in 1996, a pioneer in combat class. Due to its excellent development in the subject, the Academy had in several articles of magazine, in press and different television interviews at national level. In 1999 there was a separation of the founders.


1999 Shoot Academy

Inma Garcia turned the academy into a dance school. He dedicated himself to teaching children and adults, creating in 1999 his own style of dance, adding value to dance. He called it "modern dance" where he fused the basis of classical dance, jazz, funk, acrobatics and a strong dose of interpretation. Beyond the movements, Inma wanted her students to enjoy what she was doing and thus transmit what they were carrying inside.

For many years, Inma trained children and young people for championships and many of them held outstanding positions in Spain and Europe.

Modern dance was performed at the Shoot academy, Pablo Picasso in Mataró, Marists Champagnat Badalona and Marists Valldemia Mataró.

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2016 - 2017 Master in Systemic Pedagogy - Gestalt

2009 Intensive Diploma of 90 Teaching Hours - Broadway Dance Center School with the Best Teachers in the Entertainment World, New York

2001 - 2002 Diploma of International Fit Kid Judge

1998 Professional Course in CHOREOGRAPHY AND SCENEROGRAPHY - FEAD - School of Physical Education. Sergio Simphronio (Levels 2 and 3 performed with Sergio Simphronio, dancer, choreographer of Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson among others) and Rebeca Khin.

1995 - 98 Professional Course of FUNKY - JAZZ - FEAD - School of Physical Education

1995 CHILDREN'S FITNESS Monitor - ANEF / FEAD - School of Physical Education

1994 Monitor in ACROBACY TECHNIQUES - FEAD - School of Physical Education

1993 Monitor of LATIN RHYTHMS - FEAD - School of Physical Education

1992 Monitor in techniques of STEPS - FEAD - School of Physical Education

1992 International Master of STEPS - FEAD - School of Physical Education

1992 Monitors in FUNKY techniques - HIP HOP - FEAD - School of Physical Education

1991 International Master of AEROBICS - FEAD - School of Physical Education

1991 Monitors in AEROBIC techniques - FEAD - School of Physical Education.

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