IMPORTANT: If the student misses classes, they will NOT be able to make up. Classes can only be made up when the school closes for some extraordinary reason.

1. Payments must be made by direct debit, or by bank transfer, but only in exceptional and justified cases.

2. It is mandatory to respect the entry times established for the classes for their proper functioning and to be able to effectively carry out the Covid-19 protocol.

3. Any delay will be reported before the start of the class by calling the secretary.

4. To attend classes, students must wear the school uniform. This can be ordered from our website (

5. The student may not wear shoes or street clothes to practice the activities and services at school. Due to Covid protocol, you must enter barefoot to take the class, and if you need shoes to do the dance discipline, these must be clean and only be used at school ( covid-19).

6. The entrance and exit of the students will take place at the school gate (camí del mig. 71, main street entrance). The students will be accompanied by the teaching staff or the school secretary. Students over the age of 12 who wish to leave alone must authorize this at the point authorizing the departure to the tutors.

7. The student must maintain a civil and respectful behavior with the school staff and the other students.

8. It is forbidden to smoke, eat and use mobile phones in Gi Escola facilities, except in cases of urgency or justification.

9. It is not allowed to enter the toilets of the School, which are exclusive to students and teachers.

10. Personnel other than students or teachers are not allowed to enter the school. To request information, call the school (680 64 94 25), or make an appointment in advance for a video conference. In exceptional cases, you can go up to the Gi Escola and access the facilities, but you will have to make an appointment.

11. Any damage caused to the facility and/or the center's materials resulting from misuse by the user must be repaired and may also result in the user's expulsion from the center.

12. The school is not responsible for lost and/or forgotten items inside the facility.

13. It is advisable to accompany the registration request with a medical certificate certifying that the user is fit to practice physical exercise.

14. To access the interior of the center it is essential to be a student of the school or to have a duly completed invitation.

15. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the termination of any association with the school.

16. Pets are not allowed in the school.



1. The user will have the right to enjoy the center in good conditions.
2. The user has the right to use the school within the established hours, with prior payment of the corresponding fee.
3. The user has the right to present any suggestion or complaint to the address of the center, in the mailbox enabled for this purpose at the entrance of the building, the center will respond as soon as possible.


1. The form of PAYMENT is mandatory by direct debit
2. RETURN OF THE RECEIPT by the bank will incur a surcharge of €6. This surcharge will be added to the amount of the outstanding receipt.
3. This registration will cease to be valid when the holder signs off at the SCHOOL RECEPTION. This cancellation must be made before the 20th of the last month.
4. WITHDRAWAL must be done in writing by completing the withdrawal request that is available to the student on our website.
5. TEMPORARY LEAVE with justified medical reasons will involve a maintenance fee of €25 per month (minimum duration of 2 months).
6. The student who has a monthly payment pending will not be able to access the center until payment is made.
7. To enter the school you must pay a FEES of €65 which entitles you to a place in the School. This will be renewed every year in August to renew the square.
8. The COURSE will last 10 months (from September to June). There will be optional intensives in July and we will have a break in August.
9. Students will have ACCIDENT INSURANCE with an annual fee of €18. It is renewed in the month of January with the annual CPI and every student who enters the School new must pay the proportional part of the remaining months. In the case of the months from September to December, they will be covered with the payment of the enrollment of new students.
10. In order to speed up administrative procedures, whenever a student changes their personal data (address, telephone) or bank details, they must notify the administration in writing or by e-mail before the 20th of each month .
11. The School reserves the right to update its fees at the start of the new season.
12. At any time the school may add new rules that will be mandatory for all students, for the best functioning of the center.
13. The center's communication with the students' relatives or guardians will be through emails, WhatsApp messages and/or Meet's by prior appointment.

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