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The Gi Benestar offers a whole range of monthly workshops so that each person can find the most appropriate tools to enhance their well-being.

They are  practical and experiential workshops, in which you will live not only a process of reflection and introspection, but you will also learn to manage your body and your breathing.  

Self-care is very important, for health and emotional well-being


Family Constellations


Family constellations are a powerful tool that allows you to approach in a way
brief, without the need for long processes, multiple vital issues: family, partner, health
and illness, work and vocation, money and pedagogy in the school environment, as well as business.

How do I know if I need a constellation job?

When something happens once, it is an incident. If it happens twice, it's a coincidence. But if it happens three times, it is a pattern and perhaps we can look at it with a systemic approach from the family or organizational constellations.


What does a work with constellations offer me?

The goal is to try to reveal and clarify what sustains our problems and prevents us from moving forward.

Gain new insights and resources to help us open up new solutions.

  • It’s a way of looking at what happened to us or is happening to us in a different way

  • Lovingly close pending issues

  •   Identify dynamics that sustain current conflicts

  •   Look at recurring issues

  •   Personal or professional work and performance.

  •   Fears and anxieties that have been with us for a long time and now I no longer want them.

  • Decision making in a different way, considering the system I am in.


Last Sunday of each month from 10 am to 12 noon


€ 65 if you come to constellate

€ 10 if you come as a representative


What will I find in a Constellation workshop?

In a Family Constellation workshop, a group of people meet and whoever wants to work, explains their problem to the therapist.

Guided by this, choose, among the participants, the
people who will represent your family members (or the system you are going to work with,
being able to be the organization, school, company-, etc.).
The therapist accompanies the client as the constellation develops and the representatives interact with each other.

The therapist also helps the representatives
to express what is happening to them, with sentences and body movements.
At the end an image is shown, more than a solution or not, you can see a fine image
where the therapist has been able to accompany the client, unintentionally, without judgment. And this is what
she decides what to do or not to do with it.

"It's very rare for people to be able to talk and listen. Very few listen without speaking. Most can speak without listening."

Fritz Perls


We present a series of quarterly therapeutic theater workshops aimed at all those people interested in their personal growth and in developing a knowledge of themselves and others.

A workshop to develop social skills through theater.


This workshop is designed for the development of social and expressive skills from a training in our social masks and the particular way that each of us has to express ourselves. Theatrical dynamics and group therapy dynamics are used where the basis is drama therapy and the expression of our body, voice and feelings.



- 3 quarterly modules divided into:

  • Weekday mode: Wednesdays fortnightly from 10.45 am to 12.45 pm.
    1st Saturday of the month with a duration of 4 hours
    Aimed at people with little or no experience in the performing arts and / or therapeutic theater.




€ 150 quarterly (if you pay them in a single installment)
€ 55 per month for 4 hours per month.




- Improvement in verbal and non-verbal expression.
- Development of emotional intelligence and assertiveness in personal and professional communication.
- Personal development.



The workshops are experiential and different works are done such as:
- Techniques of body expression, projection of voice and sound, breathing, relaxation and sensory perception exercises.
- Exploration of internal and external space. Visualization exercises.
- Communication games and group interaction.
- Development of improvisation and expression in a work of listening to oneself and the other, recognizing blocking, denial, limits, openness and new response.

- Therapeutic theater = need to express oneself + security of doing so + taste to take risks + enjoy + transformation.

Binod Katuwal


"… Theater is born when human beings discover that they can observe themselves and from this discovery, they begin to invent other ways of acting…"


-Augusto Boal.



Playful tools are a series of workshops created for self-knowledge and human development through playful expression, using a wide variety of techniques that allow us to explore through play, in individual, pair and group dynamics.
In these meetings you will be able to acquire a greater knowledge of yourself and improve your interaction and social relationships. We are relational beings and much of our well-being depends on them. Establishing a good relationship with yourself, knowing about your strengths and your vulnerability, allows you to establish healthy relationships based on respect, support and enjoyment. The quality of your links speaks for itself.

It is in play and only in play that the child or adult as individuals are able to be creative and use the totality of their personalities, and only by being creative does the individual discover himself as well. “Donal Woods Winnicott”

The techniques

To get into play tools you don't have to be an expert in the techniques we use, but these become tools to use to our advantage. We use:

1. Expressive play and playful expression.
2. Body awareness and conscious movement.
3. Therapeutic theater that starts from the gestalt and uses techniques such as bioenergetics, the clown, myths, masks, dreams, party part, dramatization, systemic pedagogy, improvisation techniques, etc.​​


Reiki can be used to:

  • Release repressed emotions.

  • Increase our energy level, providing us with physical and mental vitality.

  • It causes a very pleasant state of relaxation, reducing or eliminating anxiety.

  • Relieve physical, mental, emotional or spiritual suffering.

  • It helps eliminate daily stress.

  • Relieve migraines, depression, menstrual cramps and constipation.

  • It helps cleanse the body and mind of toxins.

  • It makes sleep easier.


“Simply by relaxing, being silent, breathing and with the sincere intention of helping another being, a sacred space is created. In this space, anything is possible "

Kathleen Prasad.


From coaching we suggest a path when you are not clear  where you want to go in your life. Our goal is to make you feel good and discover the tool as a valid method for the various processes of your day to day:

When you are desperately looking for a partner and can't find it, in some cases When you have doubts about your sexuality or maybe you are not satisfied with your body.


We also accompany you, When you think one way and yet you behave in a completely opposite way.

Have you ever been stuck in an important issue? O

Want a change and don't know where to go? We offer you a way to achieve this. And most importantly, what's going on so you value yourself the way you're doing it?

We organize, assemble ... Spaces, conferences, talks, conferences, unique personal processes and focused on action. How do we do that? Seriously, with humor and a lot of enthusiasm.

  Just get carried away !!


Navnihal Singh


Navnihal Singh

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